Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Only a maintained lawn is a healthy lawn. A lawn without maintenance not only has an unkempt appearance, but it also is much less healthier than its manicured counterparts. For example, did you know the best fertilizer for your lawn is its own grass clippings? Grass clippings left from regular mowing serve as the perfect mulch for maintaining continued lawn growth, void of bald spots.

But like most things, too much mulch can be a bad thing for your lawn. And too much mulch is what you’ll get if your lawn is not mowed very frequently. This is because the longer the individual blades, the larger the mulch clumps. And the larger the mulch clumps, the more mulch piles are left behind. These prevent sunlight from reaching your grass blades and will often result in dead patches.

Our expert lawn maintenance ensures the optimal frequency for cutting your grass. This requires close attention to the rate at which your lawn is growing and a mindful-eye on recent weather patterns. We will ensure your lawn grows green and healthy all season long so you don’t have to.

Installing and maintaining a healthy lawn, shrubbery and landscaping not only boost the curb appeal of your property, but also contribute to a healthy yard. Whether the front of your home is a blank canvas – barren of bushes – or you need an entire rip-out and replacement, Willow Ridge is the landscaping service for you. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to give you the results you want.