Landscaping & Lawn Services

The subtleties are imperative to presenting your house as a well-cared for home. Having an appealing lawn and landscape design is as crucial to the aesthetics of your home as a fresh layer of paint or well-placed light fixtures. But it takes a trained eye to access what shrubs pair well with others and what composition of plants work best in your particular landscape. This is where the experts as Willow Ridge Landscaping come in.

When it comes to landscape services, we specialize in design, installation, upkeep, sod installation and seeding. We also install rock and stone-scapes for walkways and landfill. But it takes more than just a shovel and few plants to make your landscape bed perfect. It takes a trained eye and advanced knowledge on keeping shrubs healthy. This starts with well-placed shrubbery and ground cover and which plants complement each other, both aesthetically and biologically (some plants are actually extremely toxic to others). But we also consider everything from sunlight exposure (not all plants thrive in the sun) to hydration requirements to expected growth height.

The benefits of a well-designed landscape are insurmountable. Beyond making for beautiful outdoor spaces, having a thoughtful landscape design installed also improves your outdoor quality of living. This is because plants around your home actually elevate the levels of oxygen, shade and even nutrient retention, imperative to the health of your yard. This subsequently allows you to enjoy the outdoors in the hot, summer months.

Enlisting the professionals through Willow Ridge ensures your landscaping is installed correctly for magnificent, lasting results. We implement best practices proven to make your shrubbery shine, your rose bushes radiate, and your grass glow.